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A fortune-teller of Astrology and Lemons


Introducing Singapore – population of about five million. Because Singapore’s multi-racial, it’s possible to see many different types of cultures and lifestyles even though it is small. The different races each have different lifestyles and values. Languages, food, clothes, and even things like religion and fortune telling are all different, depending on the race. This time we’ll introduce an Indian fortune-teller. Singapore has the Chinese’s fengshui, the gypsies’ crystal balls and tarot cards that Eurasians like, aura colours’ analyses etc. On top of these, there are many fortune-tellers who make use of Indians’ numerology and astrology. It is said that many Singaporeans go to fortune-tellers when they need to make big life affecting decisions. There are also people who go to fortune-tellers simply to ask about the future, or to seek advice for their troubles.


An Astrology Guru of more than 48 years – Guru Amma


We visited an astrologist (? don’t know if it’s the correct term. Fortune-teller using astrology) fondly referred to as “Guru Amma” by many people of all races, even in a country like Singapore where there are many famous fortune-tellers. She first discovered her ability to see people’s futures when she was six years old, and started telling the fortunes and giving advice to her friends during her teenage years. Before long, she had many people going to her, and in her mid-20s, she became and independent fortune-teller. 44 years since, not only are there Indians, there are also Chinese and foreigners, who seek her help. Appointments for her consultation even come from overseas.


The Little Universe from Lemons and 7 Generations of Karma


In order to read a person’s fortune, it is essential to look back to as far back as three generations before and after. If the person has children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, it is essential to read the fortunes of them as well, said Guru Ama. Not only does the karma built up by one’s ancestors get inherited by one, one’s wife or husband, and even siblings can affect one. Everyone has a karma that he is born with, and this forms the basis of one’s fortune, so it is impossible to change everything. But giving advice to things like how you should overcome your current problem, or the problems you foresee you will encounter in future is the role of fortune-tellers, she said. The information that she needs are the person’s and his family’s birthdates and names. What is different from other astrologists is that she confirms the fortune by cutting lemons. Round, green lemons are used. Before cutting the lemons, she covers the lemons with a red powder call kumkumam. As people exist in each of their little universes, the lemon represents these little universes. “People are born with their karmas. But it is possible to bring the direction of fate to the positive direction by changing thoughts and actions. It is when troubled people’s lives are changed, and when they tell me, it’s all thanks to Guru Ama that I found happiness, that I think that I’m glad to be doing this job,” said the fortune-teller, narrowing her eyes while wrapping her hands around the lemons

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